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Red Deer Businesses Alphabetically P

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P Quintaine & Son Ltd
Red Deer
Ph 403-340-1606

P C Masonry Ltd
Red Deer
Ph 403-343-7174

P C S Publishing Inc
4910 50 Av Red Deer T4N 4A8
Ph 403-347-9474

4805 48 Av Red Deer T4N 3T2
Ph 403-340-4290

PFSL Investments Canada Ltd
104-4711 51 Av Red Deer T4N 6H8
Ph 403-340-8095
4820 50 Av Red Deer T4N 4A4
Ph 403-341-4070

P J Interior Systems Inc
Red Deer
Ph 403-357-7540

P N Custom Homes
230 Webster Dr Red Deer T4N 7G9
Ph 403-346-4795

P S I Fluid Power Ltd
4-7597 Edgar Industrial Dr Red Deer T4P 3R2
Ph 403-358-4212

PSI Rentals
5-6630 71 St Red Deer T4P 3Y7
Ph 403-340-4774

Paca Consulting Inc
59 Dodge Av Red Deer T4R 3E8
Ph 403-348-2939

Pace Manufacturing Ltd
6820 52 Av Red Deer T4N 4L1
Ph 403- 342-6861

Pack & Post
4819 48 Av Red Deer T4N 3T2
Ph 403-342-2289

Packers Plus Energy Services Inc
4-7607 Edgar Industrial Dr Red Deer T4P 3R2
Ph 403-340-0735

Pain Free Muscle Therapy
16-4708 50 St Red Deer T4N 1X2
Ph 403-309-9929

Paintball Airsoft Laser Tag & Trek
Red Deer
Ph 403-247-8887

Paintball Busters
Red Deer
Ph 403-346-5670

Palomino Developments Ltd
26-39152 RR 280 Red Deer Cnty T4S 2C8
Ph 403-347-0014

Palomino Pipe Handlers Ltd
Red Deer
Ph 403-342-4486

Pamco Enerflex
8036 Edgar Industrial Green Red Deer T4P 3S2
Ph 403-341-3900

Pamoco Petroleums Ltd
Box50Site14RR1 Red Deer T4N-5E1
Ph 403-346-1012

Panago Pizza
510 6380 50 Av Red Deer
Ph 403-310-0001
450 3020 22St Red Deer
Ph 403-310-0001

Panther Canadian Snubbing Services
Red Deer
Ph 403-314-9466

Panther Probe Inc
7975 49Av Red Deer T4P-2V5
Ph 403-309-6366

Panther Shears Ltd
5-7439 49 Av Red Deer T4P 1N2
Ph 403-346-8881

Papa Baldy's Pizza
105-3722 57th Ave Red Deer T4N-4R7
Ph 403-356-2111

Papa John's Pizza
3701 50Av Red Deer T4N-3Y7 Ph 403-343-370
500 Timberlands Dr  Red Deer  T4P0Z4  Ph 587-272-1313

Papa Rigs Restaurant
2-7443 Edgar Industrial Dr Red Deer T4P 3R2
Ph 403-342-5214

Paper Crane
5007 50 Av Red Deer T4N 4B2
Ph 403-347-3357

Paper Cuts Ltd
1B-6850 52 Av Red Deer T4N 4L1
Ph 403-342-0585

Paper Paper
7439 49 Ave Cr Red Deer T4P 1X6
Ph 403-350-3253

Par Energy Services Inc
Red Deer
Ph 403-588-0674

Par T Golf
14-7619 50Av Red Deer T4P-1M6
Ph 403-343-0580

Paradise Homes Corp
Red Deer
Ph 403-309-5495

Paradise RV
37417 Hwy 2 Red Deer Cnty T4E 1B3
Ph 403-340-1132

Paragon Transport Ltd
6711 Golden West Av Red Deer T4P-1A7
Ph 403-343-1440

Paralegal Solutions
7137 Gray Dr Red Deer T4P 2B1
Ph 403-314-4210

Paramount Insurance & Investment Services Ltd
5405 50Av Red Deer T4N-4B7
Ph 403-347-8400

Paramount Railings
Red Deer
Ph 403-352-6928

Paris Jewellers
420 Parkland Mall Red Deer T4N-6H3
Ph 403-346-9898

Park Matthew R (Lawyer)
600-4911 51 St Red Deer
Ph 403-343-3320

Park Motors Inc
7925a 50Av Red Deer
Ph 403-346-2898

Park Plaza Theatre 7
5214 47Av Red Deer T4N-3P7
Ph 403-347-6440

Parke Avenue Square Apartments
104-7108 Parke Av Red Deer T4P 1M9
Ph 403-342-0697

Parkers Machine
6-4622 61St Red Deer T4N-2R2
Ph 403-346-2495

Parkhill Interiors
5-4324 54 Av Red Deer T4N 4M2
Ph 403-342-2895

Parkinson's Society Of Southern Alta
Red Deer Regional Office
Ph 403-358-3358

Parkland Audio & Music Centre
G8, 5550 - 45 Street Red Deer T4N-1L1
Ph 403-309-9499

Parkland Auto Appraisals
100-4825 47St Red Deer T4N-1R3
Ph 403-343-3226

Parkland Cargo Trailer Sales Ltd
37419 Hwy 2 S Red Deer
Ph 403-346-7838

Parkland Christian Church
5515 43St Red Deer T4N-1E1
Ph 403-346-2160

Parkland Community Living & Supports Society
6010 45Av Red Deer T4N-3M4
Ph 403-347-3333

Parkland Community Planning Services
#404-4808 Ross St Red Deer T4N-1X5
Ph 403-343-3394

Parkland Drywalling
Red Deer
Ph 403-782-4217

Parkland Family Centre
4808 51 Av Red Deer T4N 4H3
Ph 403-340-8995

Parkland Fireplace
5215 54 Av Red Deer T4N 5K5  
Ph 403-343-7766

Parkland Funeral Home and Crematorium Ltd
6287 67ASt Red Deer T4P-3V9
Ph 403-340-4040

Parkland Gallery
468 Parkland Mall Red Deer T4N-6H3
Ph 403-343-9141

Parkland Gardens
120-4811 67 St Red Deer T4N 5V3
Ph 403-343-8324

Parkland Geotechnical Consulting Limited
8-6150 46a Av Red Deer T4N-7A3
Ph 403-343-2428

Parkland Industries Ltd
236-4919 59St Red Deer T4N-6C9
Ph 403-357-6400

Parkland Irrigation Ltd
Red Deer
Ph 403-304-6814

Parkland Laboratories
5410 GaetzAv Red Deer T4N-4B5
Ph 403-342-0404

Parkland Linen Supply
14-7896 49 Av Red Deer T4P 2K2
Ph 403-346-8610

Parkland Mall
4747 67St Red Deer T4N-6H3
Ph 403-343-8997

Parkland Mall Dental Centre
137-Parkland Mall 4747 67 St Red Deer T4N-6H3
Ph 403-342-1118

Parkland Medical Clinic
#6 5030 47 Ave Red Deer T4N-3P7
Ph 403-346-4206

Parkland Nurseries & Garden Centre Ltd
RR#2 Red Deer T4N-5E2
Ph 403-346-5613

Parkland Nursery & Landscape Services Ltd
Red Deer
Ph 403-340-8733

Parkland Party & Equipment Rentals Ltd
5929 48Av Red Deer T4N-3V4
Ph 403-347-7733

Parkland Properties Ltd
5102 58 St Red Deer T4N 2L8
Ph 403-358-3300

Parkland Real Estate Agency Ltd
Box 359 Blackfalds
Ph 403-347-9919

Parkland Respiratory Care Ltd
20-7895 49Av Red Deer T4P-2B4
Ph 403-342-5823

Parkland School
6016 45Av Red Deer T4N-3M4
Ph 403-347-3911

Parkland Shoe Repair At Red Wing Shoes
3325 Gaetz Ave S Red Deer
Ph 403-342-2235

Parkland Sled & ATV
37423 Hwy2s Red Deer T4E-1B2
Ph 403-346-7838

Parkland Steamers & Sandblasters Alberta Ltd
4648 61St Red Deer T4N-2R2
Ph 403-343-1494

Parkland Transmission
4702 51Av Red Deer T4N-4H1
Ph 403-342-1700

Parkland Veterinary Hospital
101-4 Cuendet Industrial Way Sylvan Lake T4S 2J7
Ph 403-864-6402

Parkland Youth Homes
4914 46 St Red Deer T4N 1N3
Ph 403-342-2285
198 Glendale Blvd Red Deer T4P 3L5
Ph 403-340-3040

Parkland Youth Homes Society
4920 54 St Red Deer T4N 2G8
Ph 403-340-8995

Parkside Estates
49 Parkside Dr Red Deer T4P 1K1
Ph 403-347-3434

Parkside Holding Ltd
18-7895 49Av Red Deer T4P-2B4
Ph 403-342-5045

Parkvale Lodge
4277 46A Av Red Deer T4N 6T6
Ph 403-343-0688

Parrington Barry Dr
4705 48 Av Red Deer
Ph 403-346-2057

Parsons Clinic
4822 50St Red Deer T4N-1X4
Ph 403-343-8011

Partie Sound Music Inc
Red Deer
Ph 403-347-2053

Partners In Planning Financial Services Ltd
221-3722 57 Av Red Deer T4N 4R7
Ph 403-347-1137

6722 50 Av Red Deer T4N 4E1
Ph 403-309-1891

Party Bouncers Ltd
Red Deer
Ph 403-357-0668

Pas-to-Pe |Top

Pasquale Mancuso Construction Ltd
7-4812 78St Red Deer T4P-2B3
Ph 403-346-6715

Pat's Driveline
10-7431 Edgar Industrial Dr Red Deer T4P 3R2
Ph 403-340-1616

Pathways Psychological & Educational Services Inc
302-3939 50A Av Red Deer T4N 4E6
Ph 403-343-3244

Pattison Outdoor Advertising
Red Deer 1-800-482-4880

Pattison Sign Group
Red Deer
Ph 403-347-4114

Patton Financial Solutions
211-4909 49 St Red Deer T4N 1V1
Ph 403-340-4411

Patty's Family Restaurant
Hwy 2S Red Deer T4N-5E4
Ph 403-341-4013

Paul Davis Systems
9-7957 49 Av Red Deer T4P 2V5
Ph 403-342-4666

Paul Bax Accounting
Red Deer
Ph 403-314-1969

Payless ShoeSource
Parkland Mall Red Deer T4N-4C7
Ph 403-309-6800
Bower Mall Red Deer T4R 1N9
Ph 403-346-1008
175-2004 50 Av Red Deer
Ph 403-314-2520

Peace River Oil Inc
201-4811 48 St Red Deer T4N 1S6
Ph 403-343-3572

Peak Auto Services Ltd
8-7887 49 Av Red Deer T4P 2B4
Ph 403-347-8785

Peak Chiropractic Centre
103d-5212 48 St Red Deer T4N 7C3
Ph 403-343-7325

Peak Energy Services
314-37565 Hwy 2 Red Deer Cnty T4E 1B4
Ph 403-346-8265

Peak Energy Services (Fluid) Ltd
Red Deer
Ph 403-342-2909

Peak Fitness And Athletic Training Center
8-7710 50 Av Red Deer T4P 2A5
Ph 403-341-5560

Pearce Accounting Services Ltd
Red Deer
Ph 403-309-9668

Pearl Rose Construction Ltd
Red Deer
Ph 403-309-0328

Pearl Rose Enterprises
Red Deer
Ph 403-318-3211

Pearl Systems
Red Deer
Ph 403-318-8196

Peavey Industries Limited
7740 40Av Red Deer T4P-2H9
Ph 403-346-8991

Peavey Mart
2410 50Av Red Deer T4R-1M3
Ph 403-346-6402

Pebble Lake Construction
Red Deer
Ph 403-304-0355

Pebble Pushers Gravel Co
Red Deer
Ph 403-588-4793

Pederson Donald E Dr (Chiroprator)
30C Gaetz Ave Crossing Red Deer
Ph 403-347-3506

Pegasus Builders Ltd
134 Andrews Cl Red Deer T4R 2R2
Ph 403-347-0794

Pegasus Pizza
4914 52St Red Deer T4N-2C8
Ph 403-340-0010

Pekisko Ranch Ltd
Red Deer
Ph 403-314-9027

Pellegrini LeBlanc Chartered Financial Planners
2-4914-55St Red Deer T4N-2J4
Ph 403-347-8833

Penetrators Canada Inc
8002 Edgar Ind Av Red Deer T4P-3S2
Ph 403-346-7474

Penn Corp. Life Insurance Company
Red Deer
Ph 403-346-3393

Penn West Petroleum Ltd
Red Deer
Ph 403-342-4466

Penner Farm Services
102-6660 Taylor Dr Red Deer T4P 1Y3
Ph 403-343-7003

Penney Steamers & Vacuum Service Ltd
4-7667 49 Av Red Deer T4P 1M3
Ph 403-391-0379

Penny Patrick A (Lawyer)
Red Deer
Ph 403-342-9595

Penny's Cafe
8012 Edgar Industrial Pl Red Deer T4P 3R3
Ph 403-347-4025

Pentagon Optimization Services Inc
4-7459 Edgar Industrial Bend Red Deer T4P 3Z5
Ph 403-347-6277

Pentecostal Lifebridge Church, The
4932 51 Street Red Deer T4R-2L6
Ph 403-342-2944

Peoples Jewellers
Parkland Mall Red Deer T4N-4C7
Ph 403-343-8090

Pepper Creek Enterprises Ltd
Box 886 Red Deer
Ph 403-314-0694

Pepsi Bottling Group, The
33-37337B Burnt Lake Trail Red Deer
Ph 403-358-5385

Peregrine Rehabilitation Services Inc
Red Deer
Ph 403-340-8783

Performance Carpet & Furnace Cleaning
Red Deer
Ph 403-346-6698

Performance Training
Red Deer
Ph 403-346-1919

Peridot Group
8-6720 71 St Red Deer T4P 3Y7
Ph 403-342-0505

Perlau Robert Dr (Orthopedic Srgn)
706-5010 43 St Red Deer
Ph 403-346-3315

Perma Coat Solutions
Red Deer
Ph 403-304-2193

Permolex Ltd
8010 Edgar Industrial Cr Red Deer T4P 3R3
Ph 403-347-7557

Perry & Cruickshank Certified General Accountants
5590 45 St Red Deer T4N 7C4
Ph 403-343-2723

Perry George (Acct)
300-5010 43 St T4N 6H2 Red Deer
Ph 403-342-5541

Persimmon Patch Embroidery & Silkscreen
6810 52Av Red Deer T4N-4Ll
Ph 403-340-8211

Personal Alternative Funeral Services
4779 49St Red Deer T4N-1T6
Ph 403-341-5181

Personal Tax Services
4928 49 St Red Deer
Ph 403-347-2221

Personally Yours
Bower Mall Red Deer T4R 1N9
Ph 403-346-6433

Persons With Developmental Disabilities
Central Alberta Community Board
Ph 403-340-5003

Peter Oldford Masonry
Red Deer
Ph 403-302-0797

Peterbilt Red Deer
Petrolia Industrial Pk Red Deer
Ph 403-342-5100

Peters Phil Contractor
3804 50A St T4P 1G3 Red Deer
Ph 403-342-1086

100-5250 22St Red Deer T4R-2N7
Ph 403-309-4800

Petro Canada
4009 Ross St Red Deer T4N-1W5
Ph 403-346-4280
3330 Gaetz Av Red Deer T4N-3X9
Ph 403-314-4112
6320 50Av Red Deer T4N-4C6
Ph 403-347-6111
Hyw 2s Red Deer
Ph 403-347-6556

Petro Oilfield Services Inc
105-6660 Taylor Dr Red Deer T4P 1Y3
Ph 403-340-3464

Petrofund Corp
6-7471 Edgar Industrial Bnd Red Deer T4P 3Z5
Ph 403-348-5623

Petrotreat Inc
13B-7459 Edgar Industrial Bend Red Deer T4P 3Z5
Ph 403-314-1820

760-5001 19 St Red Deer T4R 3R1
Ph 403-341-4693

Pf-to-Pl |Top

Pfizer Animal Health
Red Deer
Ph 403-341-4505

Pfizer Canada
108-3947 50A Av Red Deer T4N 6V7
Ph 403-314-9193

PFSL Investments Canada Ltd
Helga Heinrichs Red Deer
Ph 403-342-0080

Phantom Retractable Door Screens
151-2004 Gaetz Av Red Deer T4R 3A2
Ph 403-309-6894

Phil-Canadian Care Agency
Red Deer
Ph 403-346-4384

Phillpot A Dr (Physician)
4822 50 St Red Deer T4N 1X4
Ph 403-343-8011

Phil's Home Construction
3804 50aSt Red Deer T4P-1G3
Ph 403-342-1086

Phil's Restaurant
Port-O-Call Shpg Ctr Red Deer T4N-3W6
Ph 403-347-1220

Pho Thuy Dong Vietnamese Restaurant
4-5108 52 St Red Deer T4N 6Y4
Ph 403-343-2720

Phoenix Construction Inc
8-7887 50Av Red Deer T4P-1M8
Ph 403-342-2225

Phoenix Emergency Vehicles Ltd
6415 Golden West Av Red Deer T4P 3X2
Ph 403-347-7045

Phoenix Insurance Group Red Deer Inc
204-7803 50Av Red Deer T4P-1M8
Ph 403-309-3770

Phone Book Company, The
Red Deer
Ph 403-343-1123

Phone Experts Communications Ltd, The
4724 60 St Red Deer T4N 7C7
Ph 403-343-1122

Red Deer
Ph 403-350-5355

Photography By Rick Price
Red Deer
Ph 403-346-7065

Photography By Roland
Red Deer
Ph 403-347-5255

Pidherney's Trucking
110-4770 Riverside Dr Red Deer T4N 2N7
Ph 403-309-9319

Piedalue, Robert Dr. (Dentist)
#10D-5111 22nd Street; Red Deer, AB T4R-2K1
Ph 403-358-6255

Pier 1 Imports
189-2004 50 Av Red Deer T4R 3A2
Ph 403-352-7902

Pierce Patrick L Dr (Periodontist)
705-5010 43 St Red Deer T4N 6H2
Ph 403-314-5485

Pike Wheaton Chevrolet
3110 50 Av Red Deer T4R 1M6
Ph 403-347-3301

Pillar To Post The Home Of Home Inspection
Box 155 Red Deer T4N-5E8
Ph 403-343-9406

Pine Lake Sand & Gravel Co. Ltd
Pine Lake
Ph 403-347-0671

Pines Chirporactic & Laser Center
Bay 10A Pines Plaza Red Deer T4N 4C9
Ph 403-343-0909

Pines Community Elementary School
8 PageAv Red Deer T4P-2T2
Ph 403-342-4434

Pines Lodge
52 Piper Dr Red Deer T4P 1H8
Ph 403-343-0656

Pines Mini Mart
4A-6791 50 Av Red Deer T4N 4C9
Ph 403-347-8220

Pines Plaza Muscle Therapy
10 Pines Plaza Red Deer T4N-4C9
Ph 403-343-0909

Pinnacle Pigging Systems Inc
8118 49 Av Cl Red Deer T4P 2V5
Ph 403-347-8018
10-4621 63 St Red Deer T4N 7A6
Ph 403-352-7719

Pioneer Hi-Bred Seeds
15 Stirling Cl Red Deer T4N 0A8
Ph 403-346-6031

Pioneer Mobile Home Services
Red Deer
Ph 403-588-7318

Pipeline Pigging Warehouse Inc
Red Deer
Ph 403-340-0510

Pipe Yard Ltd, The
Red Deer
Ph 403-340-0999

Piper Creek Foundation
402-4901 48 St Red Deer T4N 6M4
Ph 403-343-1077
Pines Lodge 52 Piper
Ph 403-343-0656
Parkvale Lodge 4277 46A Av
Ph 403-343-0688
Piper Creek Lodge 4820 33 St
Ph 403-343-1066

Pisces Environmental Consulting Services Ltd
25-37337 Burnt Lake Trail Red Deer County T4S 2K5
Ph 403-347-5418

Piston Well Services Inc
103-6439 67 St Red Deer T4P 1A3
Ph 403-309-4429

Pita Pit, The
5111 49 St Red Deer T4N 1V6
Ph 403-347-7750

Pix-A-Color (Red Deer) Ltd
5127 48 St Red Deer T4N 1T1
Ph 403-343-1677

Pizza 88
1-7464 50 Av Red Deer T4P 1X7
Ph 403-314-4100

Pizza Hut
Red Deer
Ph 403-310-1010

Pizza 73
4912 43St Red Deer T4N-5K6
Ph 403-346-7373
6842 Gaetz Av Red Deer
Ph 403-346-7373

Plackner Derrel A Dr (Dentist)
C108-5212 48 St Red Deer
Ph 403-340-2273

Plan Shop Inc, The
43 Wiley Cr Red Deer T4N 7G5
Ph 403-356-9890

Planet Fitness Centre
6500 67St Red Deer T4P-1A3
Ph 403-346-8260

Planet Massage Therapy Centre
6500 67St Red Deer T4P-1A2
Ph 403-346-8260

Red Deer
Ph 403-350-5335

Plant Decor
Box 61 Red Deer T4N-5E7
Ph 403-343-6211

Plastertone Inc
121-69 Leonard Cr Red Deer T4R 3P8
Ph 403-358-4161

Platinum Communications Corp
6831 52Av Red Deer T4N 4L1
Ph 403-357-5930

Platinum Design Group
Red Deer
Ph 403-358-5361

Platinum Insurance Inc
202-4719 48 Av Red Deer T4N 3T1
Ph 403-358-6062

Plaza Apartments
Red Deer
Ph 403-346-6818

Plaza Denture Clinic (1986) Ltd
B-3617 50Av Red Deer T4N-3Y5
Ph 403-347-6430

Plaza Dispensary
6-5030 47 Av Red Deer T4N 3P7
Ph 403-340-3784

Plaza Liquor Mart
12-5010 47Av Red Deer
Ph 403-342-5058

Plaza Tanning Club
3-4702 50St Red Deer T4N-1X2
Ph 403-341-4680

Please Mum
Bower Mall Red Deer T4R-1N9
Ph 403-347-5437

Pleasure & Pain
10A-7110 50 Av Red Deer T4N 6A5
Ph 403-342-3835

Pleasure Plus
Red Deer
Ph 403-341-4258

Po-to-Py |Top

Pohl Darren Dr
5-5116 52 St Red Deer
Ph 403-341-3888

Points West Concrete Forming 1994 Ltd
Red Deer
Ph 403-887-5557

Poison Centre

Polar Geomatic & Security Solutions Inc
205-4711 51 Av Red Deer T4N 6H8
Ph 403-309-2454

Polar Jewellers Ltd
108-2325 50 Av Red Deer T4R 1M7
Ph 403-341-3932

Polar Mobility Research Ltd
5-7471 Edgar Industrial Bend Red Deer T4P 3Z5
Ph 403-340-3166

Polar Spas
2-6013 48 Av Red Deer T4N 3V5
Ph 403-358-6060

Pool Medics
Red Deer
Ph 403-877-3417

Poolman Hot Tar Roofing
Red Deer
Ph 403-340-2420

Poop - N -Scoop
Red Deer
Ph 403-309-7667

Poor Boyz Chopperz Inc
RR1 Red Deer
Ph 403-347-1281

Popeye's Supplements
17-3701 50 Av Red Deer T4N 3Y7
Ph 403-347-4907

Poplar Ridge Bed & Breakfast
Box 47 Site 2 RR#1 Red Deer T4N-5E1
Ph 403-347-1188

Poplar Ridge Community Centre
Red Deer
Ph 403-347-0664

Poplar Ridge School
RR1 Red Deer
Ph 403-343-8821

Poplar Ridge Tree Farm
RR 1 Red Deer T4N-5El
Ph 403-347-2465

Popovich Musical Entertainment Services
Red Deer
Ph 403-886-2402

Port A Party Hot Tub Rentals
Red Deer
Ph 403-391-2343

Port-O-Call Dental
4419 50Av Red Deer T4N-3Z5
Ph 403-343-8831

Portable Fencing (Red Deer)
Red Deer
Ph 403-348-5009

Portfolio Strategies
100-4825 47 St Red Deer T4N 1R3
Ph 403-343-1181

Posh Esthetics
5-4820 47 Av Red Deer T4N 6B9
Ph 403-343-7181

Positive Pressure Testing 2003 Inc
Red Deer 
Ph 403-347-5335

Post Time Lounge
3731 50 Av Red Deer T4N 3Y7
Ph 403-342-6688

Post-Vibe Inc
3-4625 63 St Red Deer T4N 7A6
Ph 403-314-0777

Potorieko Bros Transport
Red Deer
Ph 403-304-0504

Pottage Gary (Accnt)
300-5010 43 St Red Deer
Ph 403-342-5541

Potters Hands Ministries
4935 51 St Red Deer T4N 2A8
Ph 403-309-4246

Potvin Drywall Ltd
Red Deer
Ph 403-588-3134

Poulin's Pest Control Services
Red Deer
Ph 403-341-4053

Power Boss Scrubbers & Sweepers
10-28042 Hwy 11 Red Deer Cnty T4S 2L4
Ph 403-341-4091

Power Gaming Corporation
400-4406 50Av Red Deer T4N-3Z6
Ph 403-346-4545

Powers William Computer
Red Deer
Ph 403-342-1431

Practical Auto Repairs
4705 49Av Red Deer T4N-3W9
Ph 403-343-8333

Prairie Bailiff Services

Prairie Bus Lines Limited
5310 54St Red Deer T4N-6M1
Ph 403-342-6390

Prairie Media Monitoring Ltd
3-7429 50 Av Red Deer T4P 1M5
Ph 403-343-8410

Prairie Office Products
5032 Gaetz Av Red Deer T4N-4B1
Ph 403-347-2286

Prairie Oil Tools & Rentals Ltd
231-4819C 48 Av Red Deer T4N 3T2
Ph 403-347-4400

Prairie Steamers Ltd
Red Deer
Ph 403-318-7149

Prairie Swine Health Services
11-4845 79 St Red Deer T4P 2T4
Ph 403-314-2216

6858 50Av Red Deer T4N-4E3
Ph 403-346-4132

Precision Cycle Works
A1-2319 Taylor Dr Red Dee T4R 2R1
Ph 403-347-5900

Precision Machining & Manufacturing Ltd
5-7045 Edgar Industrial Link Red Deer T4P 3Z6
Ph 403-346-5675

Precision Piling Ltd
Box 5 Site 3 RR1 Red Deer T4N-5E1
Ph 403-340-1400

Precision Prosthetics Orthotic Services Ltd
4926 55 St Red Deer T4N 2J5
Ph 403-347-3435

Precision Rentals
Red Deer
Ph 403-342-4250

Precision Tube Canada Limited
Red Deer
Ph 403-347-4544

Precision Well Servicing
Red Deer
Ph 403-343-3174

Premier Black Car Service
Red Deer
Ph 403-346-9994

Premier Limousine Services
Red Deer
Ph 403-342-9565

Premiere Mortgage
Red Deer
Ph 403-340-8925

Premium Oilfield Inspection Services Ltd
Blindman Industrial Park Red Deer T4N 0A1
Ph 403-342-1880

Premium Plug Logging Service Ltd
8-7667 49Av Red Deer T4P-1M3
Ph 403-347-8580

Premium Rentals Inc
Red Deer
Ph 403-343-6161

Presbyterian Church In Canada
4718 Ross St Red Deer T4N-1X2
Ph 403-346-4560

Presidential Limousine
Red Deer
Ph 403-346-0034

Pressure Vessel Services A Division Of 771603 Alta Ltd
Red Deer
Ph 403-343-8625

Prestige Fine Furnishings Ltd
4747 67 St Red Deer T4N 6H3
Ph 403-343-3696

Prestige Solid Oak Superstore
4-7429 Gaetz Av Red Deer T4P-1M5
Ph 403-340-8772

Preuter Jeri NAET Master Herbalist
4-5116 52 St Red Deer T4N 6Y4
Ph 403-343-0355

Prevost Construction Inc
Red Deer
Ph 403-304-4039

Price Transport Inc
Box 55 Rimbey
Ph 403-342-5502

Pride H2S Safety & Medical Services
13-7428 49 Av Red Deer T4P 1M2
Ph 403-356-1812

Prime Boiler Services
11-7421 Edgar Industrial Dr Red Deer T4P 3R2
Ph 403-342-5835

Prime Fasteners Ltd
4612 62 St Red Deer T4N 6T3
Ph 403-314-1680

Prime Pump Industries
1-7431 Edgar Industrial Dr Red Deer T4P 3R2
Ph 403-356-9774

Primerica Financial Services
4820 50Av Red Deer
Ph 403-341-4070

Primerica Financial Services
4711 51 Av Red Deer
Ph 403-340-8095

Primerica Financial Services
Bay 2E 5560 45 St Red Deer 
Ph 403-347-2829

Primewest Energy
Red Deer
Ph 403-314-1398

Princess Auto Ltd
6833 66 St Red Deer T4P 3T5
Ph 403-342-6181

Printing Place Inc
1-6150 46aAv Red Deer T4N-7A3
Ph 403-340-8500

Prior E.G. Dr (Optometrist)
3617 50Av Red Deer T4N-3Y5
Ph 403-343-2020

Priority Financial
2085 50 Av G Red Deer T4R 1Z4
Ph 403-342-6282

Priority Management
Red Deer 
Ph 403-346-1919

Pro-Care Landscaping
Red Deer
Ph 403-346-1057

Pro Collision Carstar
4517 54Av Red Deer T4N-4M4
Ph 403-343-0505

Pro Energy Inc
Red Deer
Ph 403-347-7353

Pro Finish Interiors Ltd
Red Deer
Ph 403-343-6649

Pro J & R Feeds
1-4605 62St Red Deer T4N-2R4
Ph 403-314-9800

Pro Mobile
7898a Gaetz Av Red Deer T4P-3N4
Ph 403-341-6100

Pro Oil Tools Ltd
120-7491 Edgar Industrial Bend Red Deer T4P 3Z5
Ph 403-341-6666

Pro Painting
Red Deer
Ph 403-304-0379

Pro Plumbing Group
172 Lamont Cl Red Deer T4R 2R5
Ph 403-347-9962

Pro Tan Sun 'n' Spa
18-6791 50Av Red Deer T4N-4C9
Ph 403-346-7880

Pro-Tec Pest Control Services
Red Deer
Ph 403-340-3115

Pro Tool City Inc
6-7419 50 Av Red Deer T4P 1M5
Ph 403-347-3990

Pro Truck Mechanical
8-39207 RR 271 Red Deer Cnty T4S 2M4
Ph 403-340-1110

Procom Insurance Brokers
105-5212 48 St Red Deer T4N 7C3
Ph 403-340-2214

Production Control Services Canada Ltd
10-7459 Edgar Industrial Bend Red Deer T4P 3Z5
Ph 403-340-3605

Professional Business Data Systems Inc
8-4621 63 St Red Deer T4N 7A6
Ph 403-340-8088

Professional Spa
5-5116 52 St Red Deer T4N 6Y4
Ph 403-341-3888

Professional Warehouse Demonstrations
162-37400 Hwy 2 Red Deer Cnty T4E 1B9
Ph 403-347-7240

Proflo Production Separators Ltd
8006 Edgar Ind Av Red Deer T4P-3S2
Ph 403-341-4337

Profly Golf Centre
Red Deer
Ph 403-347-1189

Proform Concrete Services Inc
Precast Division Red Deer
Ph 403-343-8000
Contracting Office Red Deer
Ph 403-343-6099

Progress Volkswagon
142-37400 Hwy 2 Red Deer Cnty
Ph 403-342-2923

Progressive Ag Services Ltd
Red Deer
Ph 403-309-0739

Progressive Bearing & Hydraulic Ltd
7611 Edgar Industrial Dr Red Deer T4P 3R2
Ph 403-340-2747

Progressive Seeds Ltd
155-4752 Ross St Red Deer
Ph 403-347-4925

Prolific Graphics
7449 49Av Red Deer T4P-1N2
Ph 403-340-8100

Promark Business Solutions
Red Deer, T4N 0L5
Ph 403-505-7550

Promotech 2020
Red Deer
Ph 403-358-8869

Pronghorn Controls Ltd
1-4676 61St Red Deer T4N-2R2
Ph 403-341-2526

Propane Expert Inc
4004 39139 Hwy 2A Red Deer T4N 1B3
Ph 403-347-8175

Property Shop Inc, The
603-4911 51St Red Deer
Ph 403-346-6970

Property Team Inc
Red Deer
Ph 403-346-9077

Proside Exteriors Ltd
Red Deer
Ph 403-341-5828

Proswab Oil Field Services Inc
Red Deer
Ph 403-391-6778

Protec Security Systems
Red Deer
Ph 403-347-4121

Protechnics Division Of Core Laboratories Canada Ltd
6-4845 79St Red Deer T4P-2T4
Ph 403-340-8850

Proteck All Coatings
Red Deer
Ph 403-347-4844

Providence Trucking Inc
Red Deer
Ph 403-314-0909

Provincial Cafeteria
5fl Provincial Bldg Red Deer
Ph 403-347-5781

Prudential Simco Realty
4819B 48 Av Red Deer
Ph 403-340-0065

Psychology Services
5201 43 St. #110 Red Deer T4N 1C7
Ph 403-309-2013

Public Guardian
Red Deer
Ph 403-340-5165

Pump Jack Specialties Inc
Red Deer
Ph 403-347-4589

Pump Shop, The
7018 Johnstone Dr Red Deer T4P 3Y6
Ph 403-347-9770

Pumps & Pressure Hydraulics
7018 Johnstone Dr Red Deer T4P 3Y6
Ph 403-340-3666

Pumps & Pressure Inc
7018 Johnstone Dr Red Deer T4P 3Y6
Ph 403-347-9770

Puppy Love Dog Grooming
Red Deer
Ph 403-314-9033

Purcell Donna C (Lawyer)
600-4911 51 St Red Deer T4N 6V4
Ph 403-343-3320

Purdy's Chocolates Ltd
Bower Mall Red Deer T4R 1N9
Ph 403-346-3763

Pure Chiropractic
207-4807 Gaetz Av Red Deer T4N 4A5
Ph 403-348-8222

Pure Energy Services Perforating & Logging Ltd
7-4115 78 St Cr Red Deer T4P 3E3
Ph 403-340-0403

Pure Energy Services Production Testing Ltd
42-37337 Burnt Lake Trail Red Deer Cnty T4S 2K5
Ph 403-340-8516

Pure Energy Services Wireline Completion
Red Deer
Ph 403-340-3930

Pure Essence Hair Design
Red Deer
Ph 403-341-0567

Purolator Courier Ltd
6722 Gldn Wst Av Red Deer T4P-1A8
Ph 403-341-7244
Pick-up Service 1-888-744-7123

Purrfect Pet Portraits
Red Deer
Ph 403-396-7387

Pursuit High School Program
9-5580 45 St C Red Deer T4N 1L1
Ph 403-309-2401

Pursuit Physiotherapy
3B-2319 Taylor Dr Red Deer T4R 2R1
Ph 403-356-9789

Pussy Cat Escorts
Red Deer
Ph 403-352-3861

Pyrotec Alarms Inc
Red Deer
Ph 403-358-2221


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