Red Deer Snow Removal To Improve

by Kirk Stephens on December 2, 2013


It will come as no shock to the residents of Red Deer that our City’s ability to deal effective with the avalanche of snowfall we’ve received so far this year, has fallen short of most expectations. The overall mood I sense when talking to people is that most, if not nearly all, of us think the City must do more. If budgets are the reason we seem to be unable to plow the roads, still untouched weeks after a major snowfall, given it was the first snow event of the year, then more of our taxes need to be put towards snow removal.

It seems our newly elected City Council has heard our complaints and demands loud and clear. My Facebook and Twitter feed have been full of proclamations to the fact that City Councillors are holding emergency meetings to deal with the massive snow accumulation. The City also is claiming an additional 10 plows on the road for this late November squall. I hope the extra machinery helps to clear things up quickly. It looks like I’m stranded in my driveway until we get a plow down our close. the snow is too deep to move my car. Good thing my wife’s SUV is up to task for these conditions. I’m worried for the others that are not as lucky.

Here is a great opportunity for this new City Council to address an issue that almost everyone who lives and drives in Red Deer is on board with. Time will tell how they handle it.

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