Kid Friendly Places In Red Deer

Red Deer Needs More Kid Friendly Places

by Kirk Stephens on March 6, 2012

As a parent of a young child, I am somewhat disappointed in the lack of places that cater to children. Once, long ago, there was “Moonwalkers” which was a large indoor playground. Kids loved it for the maze of tubes, netting, ball pit, video games, and party rooms that were perfect for birthday parties. Unfortunately, there was a lack of adult supervision, the food was somewhat poor quality, and there was the general consensus among the parents that would gather that the equipment was dirty and in need of repair and cleaning. But, at least it was there, ready to be enjoyed by the kids who didn’t pay much notice to those kinds of details. If you were to ask my son, he wouldn’t be able to tell you what happened outside of the jungle-type apparatuses. As a kid, he loved it, as did all his friends.

So it was a bit of a shock to see it disappear when it did a few years ago.  As a parent, I feel there is a void to be filled in this city. There absolutely needs to be more things to do and places to go with young children. Red Deer is a vibrant, thriving, wealthy metro area with many young families. At this point, one of the most popular places to go with kids is to the McDonald’s on  the north end of Geatz Ave. There are always kids there climbing up and down the indoor jungle gym. I have no idea who the original owners of  “Moonwalkers” was, nor do I have any idea why they pulled the plug on the business.

Conversations with other parents make me believe that there is a serious need for child friendly facilities, that would allow kids to just run, jump and play for hours. If you are wondering what type of small business to open in this city of ours, please consider one that is 100% oriented to kids. The people of Red Deer will love you for it! Run correctly, I cant imagine such a place being anything but a resounding success.

Discuss your ideas, opinions and suggestions below.

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